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Selling Your Home This Spring


Though it might seem crazy that we’re already talking about the Spring market here in Orange County, we’d like to help prepare you with some tips for selling your home this Spring.

Before we dive in, here’s why we think it’s important to talk about this so early.

We’d like to share first how encouraged we are by the recent jump in mortgage activity and another drop in interest rates. Here’s what we know so far, there was a 25% increase in weekly mortgage applications just two weeks ago, and an additional 7% increase this past week. Talk about a significant change from what we traditionally see in the winter months!

Additionally, we’re also seeing great activity at our open houses which tells us if you’ve had thoughts about selling your home this Spring, it’s time to tune in, because serious buyers right now are not letting those interest rates scare them away. They are on the hunt now and your home may just be the one they’ve been searching for.

So here’s the deal…

Here are a few top-of-mind things we think you should start considering to prepare your home for listing for sale in this Spring Market.

1. Clean and declutter your home: A clean and well-organized home will make a better impression on potential buyers and can help increase the perceived value of your home. Trust us, “spring cleaning” isn’t just a trendy tagline we’ve all be using forever. It’s actually a very important process in getting ready to list. Starting on this process now will better position you to list your home with confidence.

2. Make necessary repairs: Address any repairs or maintenance issues before listing your home. These can detract from its value and turn off potential buyers. You know those squeaky doors you’ve been putting up with for the past 10 years? Let’s get them fixed today! Buyers in Orange County are expecting homes to be buttoned up before purchase. These minor repairs can truly make all the difference. Bonus tip – ask us how we sold a mid-century home with 1960’s wallpaper and shag carpet in one weekend for $120k over asking. Hint, simple repairs.

3. Stage your home: Consider staging your home to make it more appealing to potential buyers. This can include rearranging furniture, adding decorative touches, and depersonalizing the space. Need some help in this department, we’d be happy to assist. Going this extra mile will attract buyers who need the see the full picture before purchasing.

4. Price it correctly: This is perhaps the most important of them all. Work with us to help you take the guesswork out of pricing your home correctly. Remember, we want to price it right on the first go and not waste time on the market. Now is not the time to experiment. Together we’ll consider local factors and complete your personalized comparative market analysis to determine the right price.

5. Marketing your home effectively: Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered here as well. We just want you to be aware that we take this process seriously, as effective marketing is what helps us reach the largest pool of potential buyers here in Orange County and beyond. Our team of experts will ensure you’re ready to go by the time we list your property. This will include checking off tasks such as setting up professional photography, videography, and hosting stellar open houses.

So What’s Next?

As your trusted real estate experts here in Laguna Beach, we know exactly how to guide you to properly list your home for sale in the Spring market. The Spring market is really where real estate picks up momentum for the year. We would never want you to feel rushed or overwhelmed by the process. These are just some of our quick tips for you to be mindful of if you’re thinking of listing your home for sale in Orange County. Let us continue the conversation on how you can improve the chances of selling your home quickly and for the best possible price in the spring real estate market. Give us a call today!

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