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Would You Believe The Headlines?

Don Pattillo Explains what is happening in the Orange County Market in October 2022

Would you believe that Orange County is still a slight Sellers Market? Well if you’ve been relying on all the top news headlines to give you an accurate view of what’s happening in real estate you may be missing what’s really happening in Orange County!

Here at the Penny & Don Pattillo team we are true believer’s in following the data, and what we know for this month is that Orange County is in fact still experiencing a slight sellers market. Simply put, there are still more buyers out there than there are currently homes for sale. Now with that being said, we also know this is a very different market from last year.

Homes are not flying off the market as quickly, and gone are those days of receiving multiple offers in one weekend. With that being said, tune in to hear our latest tips for both of our buyers and sellers and what this all means for you this Fall season.

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