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Forecasting Mortgage Rates in 2023

Want to know more about the direction of mortgage rates in 2023? Let's break it down. The housing market in 2023 has experienced an unexpected shift, with a shortage of available homes and an influx of buyers, resulting in bidding wars and sale...

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Avoiding Homebuyer’s Remorse

As we find ourselves in the rebalancing phase of the real estate market post-pandemic, a new trend is emerging – buyer’s remorse among the pandemic purchasers. We're here to share the key takeaways and most importantly, what you can do to a...

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Applying For A Home Loan In 2023

Buyers, we've put together a great video for what you need to know about applying for a home loan in 2023. But first, did you catch The Federal Reserve Chair, Jerome Powell's report to the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban ...

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The ULA Tax and The Orange County Marketplace

When we learned about The ULA Tax in Los Angeles we were compelled to play out the potential impact this could have in Orange County. As real estate professionals with over 30 years of experience, we've been fortunate to work with clients all o...

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The Secret to Finding Hidden Real Estate Gems

The Benefits of Off-Market Listings in Real Estate
When it comes to buying a home or investment property, many buyers assume that their only options are to browse online listings or visit open houses. However, in recent years, an increasing nu...

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Selling Your Home This Spring

Though it might seem crazy that we’re already talking about the Spring market here in Orange County, we'd like to help prepare you with some tips for selling your home this Spring.
Before we dive in, here's why we think it's important to tal...

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Would You Believe The Headlines?

Would you believe that Orange County is still a slight Sellers Market? Well if you’ve been relying on all the top news headlines to give you an accurate view of what's happening in real estate you may be missing what’s really happening in O...

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